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Conhub Connect is an end to end web based system that include a Mobile App and Corresponding website service that facilitates trade and data management in the construction and Real Estate industry.

It offers buyers and sellers of a wide variety of goods and enormous platform for trade. We offer buyers a virtual flea market, with an endless range of merchandise from anywhere within Zimbabwe or abroad.

How it is done

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Our solutions

All the equipment you need in one place.

The Conhub Connect mobile App & web-portal enables the hiring of construction industry machinery and equipment. With  our technology, construction companies who have plant can now hire to those who have work but do not have the plant thereby capacitating the contractors.

Hiring has never been simpler. With competitive pricing and great customer service that is tailored to your specific needs. Offering the latest compliant earth moving equipment and attachments plus all the paperwork done for you before it arrives on site.

All orders are processed electronically through the reps out on the road, and the returned dispatch is completed electronically – safeguarding your documents as well as allowing for easy reporting on all machines.


User types


the market

In need of material supplies?

This platform enables online material sale and purchase. Service providers have lists of their range of products, specific product and service description, product specification, product prices, product promotions.

Buyers can choose the materials they need from a variety of sellers.

Discounted products and services through stakeholder engagements and partnerships. Volume buying and high transactions will enable the suppliers to provide discounts.

Get your next big Job

As a Professional, register and create your profile on this platform.

Employers recruit & select the skilled, experienced, and qualified individuals from the platform.

Upload your curriculum vitae, or write up the curriculum vitae, upload academic certificates, Identity Documents, put the references, enter professional bodies, past employer, roles and duties, enter the skills and competences, current employer, contact numbers, physical address, registrations with NSSA, CIPF, ZICATU, NEC etc.

Your details will be secure and seen only by employers to avoid issues of identity theft.

Choose the best contractors with a rate that suits your budget

Look no further for verified Contractors. The Conhub Connect mobile App & web-portal enables contractors to be visible on the platform for potential business opportunities. Construction players are integrated on one platform.

Enables the Employer, or Clients to select contractors to invite for tendering / bidding.


Why use conhub connect?

Conhub Connect mobile App & web-portal will ensure that the customers are able to respond quickly and effectively to sellers or goods in various locations, and help them to improve the efficiency of their business.

Conhub Connect provides a platform for locally and regionally based sellers to list and sell their products to thousands of daily users who visit Conhub Connect.

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